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If you’re in IT, working as a programmer or developer, or are a member of a Cyber Blue Team and thinking about how to advance your career, this program in Offensive Cyber Security is what you’ve been looking for. Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing professions in the world, with over 1 million open positions – and counting. Positions in Offensive Cyber Security are the hardest to fill for lack of skilled, qualified personnel. TurnToTech’s advanced Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Bootcamp program is designed to train high-tech professionals in the techniques and practices of Offensive Cyber Security. This program provides students with the tools you need to level up your career into positions like Ethical Hacking , Penetration Testing, or Cyber Security Crime Investigation.

The curriculum centers around hands-on Red Team drills and real-world simulation labs designed to prepare you for the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) and the EC-Council’s CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) exams.

Gain a Marketable Skillset

40-Hour Trial Course | 280-Hour Extended Program

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TurnToTech curriculum is tailored to market demand,
focused on teaching you the skills you need to find employment in the field.

Trial Course

40 AcademicHours

Take Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security for a test drive with an introduction to encryption and hands-on, real-world Cyber Attack simulations. This course also includes exercises that teach you how to scan networks and implant IPS/IDS to perform and prevent brute force attacks.

Advanced Infrastructure Attacks

40 AcademicHours

A course with a focus on advanced infrastructures and escalation. You’ll learn to bypass system permissions and protection systems to acquire user data, plus how to utilize techniques like Pass the Hash, Pass the Ticket, and the Metasploit and Veil frameworks.

Cross-Platform Elevation of Privileges

40 AcademicHours

This course teaches you how to become an OS administrator on multiple platforms, how to leverage scalability methods between users using different operating systems, and how to escalate privileges using local and remote exploits.

Python Programming for Security

30 AcademicHours

Learn how to code in Python, the world’s most advanced programming language, and apply it to Cyber Security. This course covers Condition Loops, Error Handling, Inheritance, Offensive Python, and how to use the language for hacking.

Web Application Penetration Testing

80 AcademicHours

An in-depth study of history’s 10 most powerful Cyber Attacks. You’ll develop a deep understanding of the techniques and methodologies Cyber Criminals use to take control of host systems, learn to test client and server-side intrusions, and how to work with JavaScript.

Hacking Fundamentals & Exam Prep

40 AcademicHours

Learn about the leading issues and techniques required for international qualification in Offensive Cyber Security. Prepare for the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) and EC-Council’s C|EH (Certified Ethical Hacker) exams with in-depth study on methods of attack, infrastructures, and human engineering.

Career Services

10 AcademicHours

This specialized course is dedicated to providing students with internship placement assistance, professional networking opportunities, personalized interview training, and CV and LinkedIn profile building to help get you hired as an Offensive Cyber Security professional after you graduate.

Prepare for Internationally
Recognized Certification Exams

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OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional)

To many in the CyberSec world, an OSCP certification is the ultimate litmus test for qualified Offensive Cyber Security professionals. Someone who successfully passes the exam must prove that they can identify vulnerabilities, as well as successfully exploit weak code and hosts, and exploit multiple operating systems under various scenarios.

At the conclusion of the exam, the student must turn in a detailed Penetration Test report that includes comprehensive notes on the identified vulnerabilities.

EC-Council’s C|EH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

The EC-Councils' C|EH exam is one of the first certifications employers look for to verify the skills and qualifications of Offensive CyberSec candidates.

This 4-hour exam tests a candidate's ability to think like and use the same tools and techniques as black-hat hackers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in a variety of systems.

Program Tuition

The tuition for the Cyber Security Ethical Hacking program is $12,000, not including $1,000 for the Trial Course.

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